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Illuminations & Illusions

Beatrix Ost

November 1, 2019 – January 10, 2020 (Main Gallery)

Second Street Gallery is pleased to present Illuminations & Illusions, an exhibition spanning over four decades of Beatrix Ost’s career as a visual artist.

Beatrix Ost’s evocative and dreamlike work has been exhibited all over the world, exploring the nature of time and intimacy, as well as the fragility of the beauty that surrounds us. The multisensory show at Second Street Gallery will include a tightly curated selection of Beatrix’s dark, surrealist-inspired paintings and sculptures, accompanied by a musical score by Abel Okugawa composed specially for the exhibition. There will also be an olfactory element to the exhibition, celebrating fragrance as an artistic medium. Acclaimed internationally as an artist, screenwriter, designer, and style icon, Beatrix's exhibition at Second Street Gallery promises to challenge and delight audiences with her exceptionally personal and irrefutably universal vision.

When Beatrix Ost arrived in New York in 1976, she was already an accomplished artist and actress. Since studying art with Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg and psychology and homeopathy in Munich, she has exhibited internationally: "In Search of the Goddess", "Ten Years of Solitude", "Beauty is Harsh", "Love and Other Obstacles", and "Animal Attraction", to name a few. Beatrix has appeared in leading roles on both stage and screen, beginning with "Protokol einer Heirat"; among her credits as producer and screenwriter are "Hearts’ Lonely Hunters", "Killer Venus" and "White Chocolate". She is the author of short stories and books including "My Father’s House", "More Than Everything", and her most recent, "The Philosopher’s Style". She also designs jewelry for Article 22, which works to fulfill Princess Diana’s wish to eliminate the remains of landmines in war-torn Laos.

In addition to the exhibition catalogue, we offered essential rose oil by Young Living and the exhibition soundtrack composed by Abel Okugawa.


IX Art Park

Images courtesy of the arist, Stacey Evans Photography, and Jesùs Pino Photography.

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