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short stories & memoirs

The Philosopher's Style

A collection of new and unpublished short stories and interviews - philosophical and fantastical, nostalgic and sharp - with prose that has been given room to evolve into a synesthetic, textual painting.

" Beatrix assumes the role of nomadic scholar and reluctant mystic. She holds Space in such abundance that she has plenty to give. And she does, often and freely. One can accept it or not. One can see it or not. This gift arrives in laughter, conversation, silence—and advice that is never unsolicited. Creation is best served without exposition. "

- Brantly Martin

My Father's House.jpg

A Piece of Me

Rendered with insight, humor, and acute visual lyricism, A Piece of Me / My Father’s House is a unique exploration of the powers of memory, and of a little-known chapter in the history of German private life.

" This is not a simple memoir—it is a rare story of life in Germany during the end of WWII from a child’s viewpoint. And what a view Ost spreads before her audience, painting a narrative of exquisite beauty edged with the pain of war-torn Bavarian. " 

- KE Lanning

Book Box: More than Everything & A Piece of Me

"Beatrix Ost's image are so arresting and so well chosen, and her ability to conjure moods and experiences so extraordinary, that I was constantly stupefied by her mix of poetry and clarity (two virtues that seldom coexist)...This is a book of extraordinary beauty and great poetry — really a masterpiece." 

- Andrew Solomon

"Beatrix uses words like she uses paint ... with brush strokes so vivid and rich I feel as if I'm there watching as her story unfolds. I love this book!"

- Sissy Spacek

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